Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedule to participate in the conversations, virtually or at the library, for our September 2023 Community Meeting. We really appreciate the involvement from all, regardless of whether you reside in Bexley or not, or are a parent of a Bexley student or not–everyone is welcome to our events, meetings, and in our Facebook group, as long as they support our mission of empowering Bexley minority students to achieve their full potential.

Below are the notes from our September 2023 meeting. Please let us know if you would like to help with any of the volunteer roles or events in the notes. We will also send out the notes summary in our October e-newsletter, which you can sign up for on our website. We do not send additional emails aside from the once-a-month summary. The option is on the main home page beneath “Subscribe for Updates” under “Get Involved” or you can fill out the form on the right hand side to “Join Our List” to receive the monthly e-newsletter.

  1. Welcome
  2. Finances
    1. Looking for a Treasurer – not an extensive commitment (less than one hour per month on average; no meetings in December, June, July, or August)
    2. $1600+ in our BMPA account
      1. Includes paying for Smoke & Fire and student scholarships
      2. Includes donation(s)
      3. Includes BCF grant funding for Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Festival
  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Bexley Candidates Night: Tuesday, September 19 from 6-8pm in the BPL auditorium or live stream on (National Voter Registration Day 2023 event during the day:
    2. Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Festival: Friday, September 22 from 6-8pm in the BPL parking lot (Red Cross Blood Drive during the day:
  2. Community Updates
    1. Update on affordable housing proposal (reversal of the City’s zoning determination regarding The Community Builders’ proposed dual-site housing development at Livingston and Cassady was upheld by the 10th District Court of Appeals)
    2. Wednesday, September 27 – Intel on Intel from 6:30-8pm at BPL
    3. One Bexley – RFP for Project Coordinator, posting closed on 9/15, candidates and scope of work will be discussed this week
      1. Author speaker series
      2. Community Dinner on Oct. 1 at 5:30pm at Drexel & Main (link to sign up to host a table or to attend)
  3. Bexley City Schools Updates
    1. Jason Fine (superintendent) & Dr. Lewis – DEI leader for BCSD to support and connect with BMPA and rest of community
      1. Strategic Plan approved by BOE: Community plan – learn with curiosity, demonstrate kindness, and embrace diversity; teaching & learning, culture, facilities, & DEI (woven into everything)
      2. Review committee to occur for choosing facilities/architecture firm- choice to be solidified in November, then extensive community involvement
        1. All buildings are being evaluated and assessed; includes audit, especially for accessibility
    2. Dr. Stephen Lewis – role focus: implementation of strategic plan w/DEI as core focus for district and city, with community who support it
      1. Importance of cultural shift, esp. by supporting teachers and staff
        1. Example: Comprehensive Hispanic Heritage resource document drafted with announcements, history, suggested books/recommended readings, etc. alongside Culture Core Committee, for teachers to use and to build a community of togetherness
        2. Focus on restorative justice, embedded in strategic plan, to create an environment where all students have a sense of belonging
        3. Opportunity to build better relationships between students (not solely between students and teachers/staff)
    3. Board of Education update from Dr. Jonathan Baker:
      1. Marlee Snowdon appointed to fill in for Marguerethe Jaede’s position
    4. BMPA Mentoring Program – began three years ago, due to need for students of color to connect with others like them
      1. Has been a very positive experience for all involved, was even featured in the news last year
      2. Lisa Kelley met with Dr. Lewis and Laura to discuss program and improvements, will send out interest form to parents of minority students (elementary or middle) who would like a high school mentor
        1. Possibility of using 8th graders as mentors (optional)
        2. Tiasha will share to BMPA network and via school communications
  1. Community Conversation
    1. OTHER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: School PTO coordinators, note-taker for meetings, email assistance
    2. Nationwide Children’s Hospital – therapist has begun a racialized trauma group for students, would there be an opportunity for her to come and talk to BMPA? Could potentially connect with school psychologists at BCSD
    3. City Council update: budget season, more to come in next few months
      1. Working with Mayor to update Strategic Plan for the community (last updated 2013), met last week to review draft in progress, will provide dates for community workshops for public input soon
      2. Congratulations to Bexley Schools for U.S. News & World Ranking as #1 in Ohio, as well as students recently recognized for academic excellence
    4. TBD: Art Auction for fundraising for Circle of Excellence in Spring 2024 (will start planning committee this Fall)