Each month, Parents and Allies of BMPA gather to meet and discuss our current initiatives in support of our mission and goals.  You do NOT need to be a parent of a minority child to join these meetings — all Allies who are interested in achieving our common goals are welcome to participate.

While these meetings are typically in person, due to COVID-19, we have temporarily moved to a Zoom meetings format.  Please feel free to register to attend the next BMPA Open Planning Meeting here.

Below are the minutes from our Open Planning Meeting that was held on July 28th, 2020.

Financial Update

BMPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and through donations and fundraising efforts. Our current budget is $170.31. Through events like our Chipotle fundraiser this past January, we were able to provide two $1,000 scholarships to graduating Bexley high school seniors this spring. There are no additional updates at this time.


New BMPA Website

We are working with an outside company to build a new website for BMPA, which will help us improve our communication with the public/community in terms of what we are doing

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Jess has a leadership role with the DEI group in Bexley and is helping us connect on common goals between our two organizations. A few members of BMPA are also helping get the Columbus Community Coalition DEI group established, and helping different suburbs in Central Ohio get their organizations up and running. Several of them are posting new DEI coordinator roles at their schools. We recommended that they connect with the current individuals who manage those roles in different suburbs, to learn what has worked in their respective districts.

Bexley Anti-Racism Project (BARP)

BARP will be featured in the Aug. issue of Bexley Living (mailed to households in the City of Bexley), Kaia Woodford feature/front cover story

Bexley Living Magazine

BMPA will be featured in the Sept. issue, not taking a group photo due to COVID but photos were sent in to be included. The interview will talk about our goals as an organization and explain how we are working to improve children’s lives in the community, through advocacy, support, outreach and more.

Bexley School District

  • Diverse Books – Harper’s Corner donation/Grant Proposal – Bexley City Schools receiving donation of 250 books from Harper’s Corner Foundation for school libraries/classroom. We will work with the district on the Bexley Education Foundation (BEF) grant proposal for books of color for our students.
  • New Family Orientation – We are working to help get new members connected to the community and the school district, to feel more welcome in Bexley. Sharing who the school contacts are and how we can support their children in the district. New student orientation is August 13 at 6:30PM via Zoom for families new to the school district (virtual orientation due to COVID)
  • Current School Issue – Bryan/Jonathan – Jonathan was interviewed by This Week in Bexley to give them an update on current issues and the recent Columbus Alive article
  • Elementary School Coordinators – Bryan – One of the outreach projects we have is to have a BMPA parent representative at each school to better connect with the community. Each elementary school will have a coordinator (or more than one coordinator) liaising between the school and BMPA.

Community Outreach

Police/Community Discussion

Manika, the Bakers and Bryan are meeting with the Bexley Police Department to work on details on how to improve the relationship between the community and the police.

Children’s Program

India is working on children’s engagement programs to bring more children and families together for social events, currently virtual due to COVID. The Art with Anna virtual event (“Art Heals” – free, with art supplies donated) went well in July and the plan is to offer that event on a regular basis in the future. She will also be working on social and emotional learning offerings in partnership with the school district this year.

Community Outreach and Volunteers

Kate Misar is doing research on how to expand the curriculum in the district to make it more diverse and inclusive. Manika W. is leading the Teaching Tolerance initiative to provide easier ways to have broader discussions on diversity, and Ahdra is working to expand our trauma-informed program. BMPA is also working with the district’s special needs advocate to help families who need additional services, and we are working on a recruitment plan to get more teachers and staff of color to interview for jobs in the school district.

Culture and Conversation Series – Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15; Monique L and others will be planning a virtual event.

Wifi Community Project

Working with community members to make sure that families have wireless internet access, especially with remote learning occurring in the fall

Bexley Public Library

BMPA is cosponsoring a virtual program with Bexley Public Library where Hasan Jeffries will present a historical perspective on Race, Class, and Hurricane Katrina (August 6, 7-8:30PM).