Connecting the Community for the Next Generation

The Bexley Minority Parent Alliance (BMPA) was established in the summer of 2015 by Bexley families with children of all ages, with the intention of building community among minority families and district staff, and with the added hope of affecting positive change in our district. Today, we are an alliance of caregivers, educators, professionals, and allies, working to empower and celebrate our students, close opportunity gaps in our district, and provide learning and engagement opportunities in our community.

One of those community opportunities is the Bexley Cherry Trees Planting Project, led by the BMPA Cherry Trees Planting Committee and in partnership with the City of Bexley.

This includes #BexleySakura8 bracelets, made by Bexley native, jewelry maker, and friend of the BMPA, Stacy Grossman, for the Cherry Trees Planting Project. “Sakura” means “cherry blossoms” in Japanese. The eight rose quartz beads on each bracelet symbolize hate crime victims in Atlanta. Stacy’s other works can be found on her Facebook page, “The Creative Commons.”

Bexley Sakura 8 Bracelet


How to Donate

*Donate “Supporter Level” or higher, and receive a bracelet as a reminder of the anti-hate commitment in Bexley.

Step 1: Visit our website at and donate.

Step 2: Send us an e-mail to with your shipping address, and state that you just donated for #BexleySakura8


Donation Levels

We appreciate your support and generosity to help this project succeed! The City of Bexley will determine the planting locations.

Cherry Tree Donation Levels

Cherry Tree Donation Levels

If you have any questions regarding the Cherry Tree Planting Project, please contact us via

Bexley Minority Parent Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.