Jada Lumpkins BMPAOur student profile is on Bexley High School senior, Jaden Lumpkins. Her favorite memory of school is traveling to take football pictures for Bexley with her friend Nikki.

Jaden sits on the Executive Board for the High School chapter of the Bexley Anti-Racism Project (BARP). She became involved because she strongly believes that students need to be a part of changing the school system.

“I wanted to help bring attention to the struggle that students of color face, not only in the school, but as community members as well.”

She joined Bexley because it seemed like an interesting opportunity to learn more about photography.

“It helped me get to know more people, and also it is just a great way of keeping up a hobby of mine.”

While her senior year has been difficult with distance learning and online classes, she is adjusting pretty well by spending additional time with her sisters. Reading books has been helpful too.

Jaden has certainly missed attending football games, prom, and pep rallies – but realizes there are perks to being home as well. For one thing, she has utilized her extra free time by taking advantage of the ability to connect with teachers for any issues that may arise.