bmpa new resident profileOur new resident feature is on Cisco and Erin Crespo. The Crespos decided to move to Bexley because Erin grew up in the Columbus area and wanted to be closer to her family. Cisco grew up in Detroit, but also lived in several other places, including Ecuador, Austin, and Fort Lauderdale.

Crespo’s mother is black and his father is Ecuadorian. Cisco and Erin met in college at Georgetown University in DC. They want to raise their kids in an environment where they feel seen and represented at all levels in the community.

“We chose Bexley above other neighborhoods for its diversity and proximity to the city. I want our kids to feel safe in their neighborhood but also be aware and connected to the world outside of Bexley. We understand that that is going to take a consistent effort on our part as parents.”

The Crespos heard about BMPA through one of the City of Bexley announcements and knew that they wanted to expose their girls to more people of color within Bexley. “The group has been incredibly welcoming and we appreciate the work that has been done to date. We can’t wait to meet everyone in person soon and do what we can to help the group.”