EDIT: NEW LOCATION DUE TO RAIN: St. Charles Preparatory School, 2010 E. Broad St., Bexley, OH 43209

As the Bexley Minority Parent Alliance (BMPA) Executive Committee, we would like to take a moment of your time to highlight our upcoming (first ever) Juneteenth celebration here in Bexley! Links for an educational pre-event, as well as the day-of festivities, are listed below.

What makes us so excited about this celebration is the collaborative effort with which it has been considered, planned and will be held. The BMPA now has a six-year history in Bexley of working within (and at times, outside of) our established institutions to build community among minority families and advocate for minority students. We have achieved much success over the years and built a truly collaborative effort by partnering with the leaders in our city and school district to plan events and initiatives, as well as policy changes. The Juneteenth celebration is one example, among many, of heartfelt collaboration across lines that can at times divide us, to make our town more and more a place that welcomes diversity, equity and inclusion.

While we understand that our collective voice is not the only one in the fight for these standards in our community, we want to underscore the importance in times such as these, of efforts that strike down the walls of injustice and division to put forth new spaces where light, joy and that ideal of a Beloved Community can begin to take shape.

As such, we would like to cordially invite you to come and join in the festivities, to be held on June 19th, from 12p – 5p, at St. Charles Preparatory School (NEW location due to rain)!

The BMPA Executive Team, along with leaders in Bexley City School District, Bexley Public Library, Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce, Capital University and the City of Bexley, have been working in close partnership on this celebration and the educational events leading up to it. We know it will be a time of family fun and friendship for the whole BMPA community, as well as the Bexley community at large, which will lead us toward more and better in the future.

With that in mind, we encourage you to share this blog post to all your social media accounts, via email, and other modes of communication.

One final note – we would also welcome anyone who would like to help – there are still available places to volunteer!  Just email us at bmpa@bexleyminorityparents.org if you are interested and available.

Links to the Juneteenth Events:
BMPA Executive Leadership Team
Bryan Drewry
Courtney Baker
Jonathan Baker
Tiasha Letostak
Manika Williams
Jessica Willis
Ahdra Young